We are the exclusive authorized distributor of various niché wines from around the world in south-east asia .

Senhora Do Convento

Fine Port wines have been produced for the past nine centuriesSmiley faceat the Senhora do Convento property in Tavora, Portugal. The impressive 12th Century Monastery still stands on the 150 hectare property overlooking a 27 hectare vineyard where the grapes for fine wines were originally grown by Cistercian monks. Today the monks are long gone but their legacy of crafting the finest port continues. Today a state-of-the-art gravity flow winery continues the tradition of crafting A quality, award winning Port and table wines for your enjoyment. We are proud to have Jean-Hugues Gros, award-winning winemaker as our vintner.


Principe Corsini

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  • Art, Villas and Wines in Florence and Tuscany since 1211
  • Villa Lecorti home of the family in chianti classico since 1427
  • A focused range of uncompromising chianti classicos and long standing maremma IGT'S
  • Estate wines with exceptional value for money
  • The Corsini Family: Devoted to passing on its heritage and preserving its territory of birth.


Durvillea, by Astrolabe

“All along Marlborough’s coast,Smiley faceclinging to rocks at low tide is the seaweed Durvilla. We know it as bull kelp or rimurapa. As a young man at university I studied seaweed. Named for the captain of the Astrolabe, Durvillea seaweed is my quintessential emblem of our wild coast”

The Durvillea grapes are grown in the waihopai, Wairau and Awatere Valleys of Marlborough. The grapes are harvested at precisely the right moment and I preserve the purity and intensity of flavour in my wincmaking.

Durvillce is Astrolabe’s little sister label. This provides us with the opportunity to offer another range of classic Marlborough wines from our Astrolabe vineyards.”
Simon Waghorn - Winemaker.


Ziraldo, Ice Wine

This exquisite dessert wine that is particularly difficult to make –Smiley face just one drop of Ice Wine is produced by a single grape - and only in vineyards that experience sub-zero winters. Grapes are harvested by–hand, often in the middle of the night, to ensure they are still frozen when plucked from the vine. (This is so that excess juices can be removed as shards of ice.) The combination of exceptionally overripe grapes with the removal of excess water results in highly concentrated and intense flavours in the wine.


Cannonball Healdsburg, California

In 2006 Cannonball Wines launched a different kind of wine company. Smiley faceWe believe wine should be approachable & engaging, not intimidating or stuffy. Our icon is a symbol of your inner child, a time when life was carefree & all about having fun. Cannonball Wines will make you smile & remind you to not take life too seriously... We want every wine you taste from us to be a WOW wine & a crowd pleaser. Our secret ingredient is top California winemaker & co-founder, Dennis Hill. A Sonoma County native, Dennis has chosen this coveted region as the backbone for all Cannonball Wines. State of the art winemaking technology ensures we deliver uncompromising quality! DIVE IN & SHARE A SPLASH


Grove Ridge Winery

Founded in 1973 by Fred T., Joseph S. and John Franzia, Bronco Wine Company Smiley face is a family-owned winery committed to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers. Bronco Wine Company’s diverse family of brands is sold in over 90 countries worldwide in addition to being distributed throughout the United States. Bronco Wine Company has become a major vintage varietal wine source to the California wine industry and is currently the fifth largest winery and the largest vineyard owner in the United States. Our quest for quality begins with vineyard development and continues to grow into areas such as premium bulk wine contracts, research and development, brand development, brand marketing and national distribution. Bronco Wine Company is vertically integrated, from the vineyard to the table, focused on crafting wines for the American table.